Road Trip

Car trips must inspire me. My last blog post was written in the car two months ago as we drove from Florida to North Carolina. I haven’t written since then because I have embarked on a journey of doing something I have always wanted to do: I am writing a novel. I am thinking […]

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I am 28 (on the inside)!

Life is just full of ironies – how can dropping off my kids at sleep away camp make me feel so old and yet so young at the same time? The old – the tiny lines on my face I catch site of in my reflection on the ipad as I watch a movie […]


Mornings can be challenging in households with children, and mine is no exception.  No one wants to get up, no one wants to eat breakfast, and no one knows where their homework is or where their shoes are.  I am grateful for school uniforms or no one would know what to wear! So, I […]


Last week, I was standing at the counter in Whole Foods Market waiting for the girl behind the counter to slice my turkey pastrami (Applegate Farms, its delicious and no nitrites!) and I was in a good mood. I think there may have been a song I liked playing or maybe I was just […]

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I looked in the mirror last week and realized my grey hair is growing in faster than it used to.  I don’t know if I can wait the full four weeks to color it anymore.  It had only been 3 weeks and one day, but I felt like if I didn’t get it colored […]

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I am always reading a book.  It is what I love to do. I read at night or during the day if I’m on vacation or sick. I read at the doctor’s office, carpool line, car trips, bus trips, plane trips and sometimes even at the gym.  Whenever I have down time, you will […]

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It’s one in the morning and I can’t sleep. This is unusual as I am a great sleeper. I dreamt of an ex-boyfriend.  He was holding me hostage and somehow I found an opportunity to run away. He chased me through the house, but when he caught me he said I could leave if I […]

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So, it has been a busy month.  Unfortunately, not with sales.  Instead, I’ve been busy trying to get people to do what they are supposed to do. Our Snapants commercial didn’t run. Supposedly, an electrical storm hit the production company’s servers. Data was lost and has yet to be recovered…I think.  I haven’t heard […]

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Ok, so this is a dark one, but too much has happened lately and I have to write it. My parents have just decided to sell their house and move to a condo on the 41st floor. I didn’t realize the emotions this evoked in me until I lay in bed that night thinking this […]

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I cleaned out my closet today. It’s a big production. First, there is clearing my schedule. This means I have absolutely nothing else to do – house is clean, laundry done, dinner planned, emails answered, worked out yesterday so no need to do it today, etc. It also means I haven’t put my clean laundry away […]

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