About The Owners

Why did our newborn always look ready for a one-legged potato sack race?

My husband made excuses shamelessly. He blamed late nights, bad eyesight & a cranky baby. He even blamed the changing table! Then, one fateful night, my baby’s romper hit an all-time low…AND IT WASN’T FROM A DIRTY DIAPER!

The snaps were as lopsided as my Uncle Morty’s toupee. It was at that moment that we gave birth to a solution, a COLOR-CODED EASY SOLUTION….SNAPANTS®.

Wishing you “snap happy” days and nights,

Sheryl & Dave

About Our Snaps

Aside from being color-coded to ease in the struggle of snapping one-piece outfits, Snapants® plastic snaps have several advantages over traditional metal snaps.

  • No sharp prongs that may detach.
  • No worries about nickel or lead allergies.
  • No temperature issues – Our snaps are warm and comfortable as they remain a constant temperature; warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. Our snaps will not be burning hot right out of the dryer and will not be icy cold on a snowy day.

Our snaps also have the highest attainable safety status and, most importantly, they are just so easy to use!